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Crabs Omnibus

Publishing History


Eighth in a series:

  1. Night of the Crabs
  2. Killer Crabs
  3. The Origin of the Crabs
  4. Crabs on the Rampage
  5. Crabs' Moon
  6. Crabs: The Human Sacrifice
  7. Killer Crabs: The Return
  8. Crabs Omnibus
  9. The Charnel Caves


  1. 2015 (unknown) - Black Hill Books (UK) trade paperback


  1. ISBN 978-1-907846-88-5 | £7.99 | page count unknown | cover art by unknown artist


Crabs Omnibus contains the following short stories:

  1. Crabs Armada
  2. Crustacean Carnage
  3. Revenge
  4. The Decoy
  5. The Final Encounter
  6. The Survivor
  7. The Vigil


  • Crabs Armada was previously published as The Crabs' Armada in The Cadaver pamphlet to celebrate the 100th issue of Black Hill Collector.
  • Revenge is a retitling of Crustacean Revenge, previously published in Scare Care, edited by Graham Masterton.
  • The Decoy was previously published in Fear #13.
  • The Survivor was previously published as Crabs: The Survivor in Hangman's Hotel and Other Stories.
  • Crustacean Carnage, The Final Encounter and The Vigil were new to this book.

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