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Hangman's Hotel and Other Stories

Publishing History


  1. 2014 (August) - Black Hill Books (UK) paperback
  2. 2014 (August) - Black Hill Books (UK) e-book


  1. ISBN 978-1-907846-86-1 | price unknown | 160 pages | cover art by artist unknown
  2. ISBN 978-1-907846-77-9


Hangman's Hotel contains the following short stories:

  1. Hangman's Hotel
  2. The Black Druid
  3. Crabs: The Survivor
  4. Savage Safari
  5. Zombie Gunfighter
  6. Dead on Cue
  7. Devil of the Dark Forest
  8. The Witch of Warsaw
  9. Death in the Snow
  10. The Beast in the Mist
  11. The House in the Wood
  12. Winged Evil
  13. Poacher's Curse
  14. Dwellers of the Dark


  • The Witch of Warsaw is a Sabat story.
  • Devil of the Dark Forest, Death in the Snow, The Beast in the Mist, The House in the Wood, Winged Evil and Poacher's Curse were originally published in The Countryman's Weekly.

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