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Here's where to find out what's changed here at Smithland and where the new content is.

17th October 2017

12th December 2016

  • I added images for five Les Edwards paintings to the Original Art page: The Camp, Manitou Doll, The Unseen and The Wood, as well as an unused image for The Festering. I also added the Proof Cover for the latter. Thanks to Chris Hall for letting me know that Les Edwards had added these to his website.
  • I also found original cover art for The Ghoul and added that too.

26th October 2016

  • I updated the cover of Graveyard Rendezvous #24 with a fresh scan, after finding my copy.

18th September 2016

  • I added a fresh scan of the Sporting and Working Dogs cover and updated that title's page with new information.

8th September 2016

  • I added a new section that aims to document Guy's prolific work in Short Porn during the seventies. Adults only, needless to say, or you'll read words you don't understand and see boobs.

6th September 2016

  • Added some more cover images for short story appearances. I scanned the Reminiscon 40 programme and The Shooting Times Christmas number for 1989. Shane Agnew kindly provided Thing #8! and Coast and Country Vol. 9 No. 1. Thanks, Shane!
  • I also added the missing Chapbooks, Collections and Others pages into the Short Stories section.

5th September 2016

  • I made the new Short Stories section live. This is a much expanded version of what was here before, with much new information and a lot of cover images. It's not quite complete yet, as I'm still working on a couple of pages but it's getting there. I decided to go live because Paul Evans and Ewan Brownlow kindly provided some new information about comics fanzines in the early seventies and some great cover images that I wanted to upload. Chris Hall also found a Czech anthology called Za Tebou. Thanks, folks!

18th August 2016

17th August 2016

14th August 2016

  • I updated the Proof Covers page with image sources and a few new proofs, mostly courtesy of Chris Hall: Dead End, the first edition of Locusts, Water Rites and both the NEL and Dell editions of Killer Crabs. At least two are different from the published versions. Chris also provided a proof of the front cover only for the first of Deadbeat. Thanks, Chris!
  • I also added information and uploaded better covers for Ferreting and Trapping for Amateur Gamekeepers and Profitable Fishkeeping.

8th August 2016

  • I posted a new article about Guy's mother, the pre-war novelist, Elizabeth M. Weale, and how her work impacted Guy's.
  • I added the publication month on various pages for An Unholy Way to Die, which I discovered in one of Guy's old Christmas cards. It was launched on 28th October at the Town Hall in Stratford-upon-Avon.

6th August 2016

  • I added a 'What's Next' section to my Frighteners article to report further information about Fear made apparent by Chris Hall. Thanks, Chris!
  • I filled in some missing information for Blackout, Deadbeat and Practical Country Living. I updated the cover image on the latter.
  • I removed Hunting Big Cats in Britain from indexes as it's apparently a chapbook rather than an actual book. This drops Guy's book count down to 111 (or 104 if we discount the Tabor magazine titles).
  • Oh, and I also added this Changelog, which Shane Agnew suggested.

5th August 2016

  • I posted a new article about Frighteners magazine from 1991. Guy's story The Executioner was the lead title in its third and last issue.
  • I added the second edition of Bats Out of Hell to the Original Art page, courtesy of the owner of that art, Shane Agnew. Thanks, Shane!
  • I also uploaded a few zip files containing full quality scans: of horror novels, foreign editions, non fiction works, other books, original art and covers of Caerlaverock. I haven't linked these anywhere, so please mail me if you want access.

4th August 2016

  • I built a detailed Checklist page that lists all editions of all Guy's books in an easy to reference way.
  • I reworked the navigation to the Broken Backlist section by shrinking the index page, splitting the alphabetical list of Guy's books out to be its own page and simplifying the headers on each index page.

3rd August 2016

  • I updated my Sexy Confessions article with a bunch of new information raised by Shane Agnew, as well as a missing cover. Thanks, Shane!
  • I finished updating each individual book page in the Broken Backlist with better bibliographical detail: ISBNs, cover prices, page counts and cover artists, where known.

1st August 2016

  • I posted a new article on Russian Editions including what may be the most luxurious Guy N. Smith book yet published, a samizdat slipcased hardcover edition of Accursed.
  • I also added a few of those new Russian editions into their various pages and indexes.

31st July 2016

  • I added original artwork for Carnivore and The Festering to the Original Art page that had been provided by Chris Hall. Thanks, Chris!
  • I added missing information for Phobia, courtesy of C. J. Lines. Thanks, C. J.!

30th July 2016

  • I set up a dedicated page for Synopses, integrated the four I already have typed up and added a listing of the rest that I have here.
  • I updated my Sexy Confessions article with new information highlighted by Paul Evans. Thanks, Paul!

29th July 2016

  • I completed updating the cover images for all books from 300px high scans I did back in the last century to 500px high scans.
  • I posted a new article about Sexy Confessions porn books for Tabor in 1974-5.

27th July 2016

  • I posted a new page focusing on Original Art with the original artwork that studios commissioned from artists (or just 'borrowed') compared to the final covers.
  • I added a new Bangla edition to the Bloodshow page and various indexes.

26th July 2016

  • I posted a new page about Proof Covers that showcases proof covers both for editions that exist and those that don't.
  • I posted a new article about Unpublished Books, which Guy wrote or compiled but which have never seen print.
  • I posted a new article about Adventure Strip Weekly, which includes a full scan of the entire issue in PDF form.

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